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Sam Bourne
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
'To Kill a Man' is a murder novel for our times. It is written by Sam Bourne (actually the successful Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland) who has spent much of his career in Washington and London and therefore has a deep understanding of the political nuances of life at the centre of politics in each country. His first novel was a Richard and Judy summer read and bestseller and his next two novels featured in the top 10 best selling lists.

Kill a Man2.jpg
This novel is about a successful lawyer, and potential presidential candidate, called Natasha Winthrop [technical note: no relation to the Winthrop who came up with the celebrated Winthrop technique for search in Northern Ireland!] who is assaulted in her home and kills her assailant. It quickly becomes apparent that all may not be what it seems, and political fixer and trouble shooter Maggie Costello is called in to assist. What she uncovers adds even more questions.

The plot twists and turns, often shooting off in entirely unexpected, but still credible, directions. Just when you think you have the plot straight and the culprit nailed down, something emerges out of left field to throw doubt on your solution. This is a book for the #MeToo generation, but which recognises there may be two sides to each story, without undermining the true suffering endured by many.

All in all, a gripping read, really relevant for exactly these times. Worth adding to your holiday reading list, where ever that may be.

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