Tiger 1 - Tank craft Series number 20.

Tiger 1 - Tank craft Series number 20.

Dennis Oliver
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Dennis Oliver is the author of over twenty books on Second World war armoured vehicles including; Tiger I & II Tanks, German Army and Waffen SS - Eastern Front 1944; Panther Tanks, German Army and Waffen SS, Normandy Campaign 1944; Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer, German Army Western Europe 1944-45 and Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks - German Army and Waffen SS, The Last Battles in the West 1945. Many of his books are in the Tank craft Series.

The legendary Tiger Tank makes it's appearance once again in the Tank craft Series. Not content with it's appearing three time previously, this is the Tank's fourth visit! There isn't much more to write about a tank that appeared on all battlefields from it's first forays in 1943.

In true Sword & Pen style, the series of books making up the Tank craft Series are A4 in size with 64 pages of text interspersed with black and white photos. The book is divided up into nine parts chapters, starting quite naturally with a single page introduction. The next section describes the Eastern Front of 1943, with a clear and concise timeline. Chapter 3 deals with the Tiger units of the Army (Heer) detailing how each unit was equipped with their tanks and what support vehicles were attached where.

The Camouflage and Markings chapter has the usual high quality coloured images of various tanks from different units. This quality continues into chapter 5, the model showcase. There really are some very talented model-makers out there. The vast majority of kit manufacturers have produced at least one model of the Tiger and this is shown in chapter 6, Modelling Products. Everyone from AFV Club to Zvezda have a mention.

Chapter 7 deals with the Tigers used by the Waffen-SS, showing breakdowns of tank distribution down to company and platoon level. A sombre thought is given in the allocations and losses tables throughout the chapter. The final chapter is technology and modifications and covers all aspects of in-field and permitted factory modifications. Most modifications made were relatively small in aspect and wouldn't have been that noticeable and it was left to the "rivet counters" to distinguish different versions.

Although I have enjoyed the Tank craft Series, I think four different books about the same tank are a book too far. Surely there are other tanks out there? Dennis Oliver has done a decent job, but I feel it is just a little tired with nothing new. Considering the tanks already covered, I am sure there is a need for Valentine's, Comets and Tetrarchs plus any other overseas tanks.

While good for Modeller's, I don't think this book gives us much.

Unimpressed 1/5

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