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Third Reich Victorious

Several Contributors, edited by Peter G Tsouras
A book which re writes history. Well not quite but a book which gives an alternative had just a few descisions been altered. This book is written by several contributors and edited by Peter G Tsouras, the contributors who have each written a chapter are as follows:

Wade G Dudley, who holds a masters degree in maritime history, wrote the first chapter entitled The Little Admiral.

Dr Stephen Badsey MA, is a lecturer at Sandhurst and has written 50 books and articles on warfare, he wrote the second chapter, Disaster at Dunkirk.

Charles Messenger, was a regular officer in The British Royal Tank Regimrnt for twenty years. He has written several books and has written and helped to direct a number of TV series. His contribution is chapter three The Battle of Britian.

Chapter four, is written by Gilberto Villabermosa, a Colonel in The US Army. He is an historian having graduated at West Point he went onto become a senior graduate fellow at the Soviet Ministry of Defence Centre for Military History in Moscow. It was here that he first worked with the actual document upon which his chapter is based. His Chapter is entitled, The Storm and the Whirlwind, in which Zhukov actually strikes first!

Chapter five deals with he North African Theatre and is called The Hinge written by Paddy Griffith. Mr Griffith is a freelance author and publisher who has written several military focuses books.

Into The Caucasus, the Turkish attack on Russia written by Colonel John H Gill and is chapter number six. Colonel Gill of The US Army has written numerous articles and papers on Napolionic military affairs as well as chapters to other Greenhill speculative history collections, including Rising Sun Victorious.

Chapter 7, Known Enemies and Forced Allies written by John D Burrt. Mr Burrt is a nuclear engineering contractor for The US Navy as well as editor of Paper Wars Magazine which is an independent review journal devoted to war games. He is a former marine Sgt and a veteran of Vietnam, he holds a masters degree in military history and has also contributed to Rising Sun Victorious.

Chapter eight. Luftwaffe Triumphant, the defeat of the Bomber Offensive 1944-45 written by David C Isby. Mr Isby is a Washington based attorney and national security consultant and a professor at American Military University. He has written or edited 20 books including several dealing with WW2.

Chapter nine, Hitlers Bomb by Forrest R Lindsey a retired US Lt Colonel who served for nearly thirty years in the US marine Corps which included Vietnam. Again an experienced officer who has also contributed to the book Rising Sun Victorious.

Chapter ten, Rommel versus Zhukov by Peter G Tsouras a retired US Lt Colonel who has written or edited 21 books on international military history. And editor of this book!

As you can tell from the above, each contributor is very well informed on this subject, if you are interested in this book then I listed each author so you can google and do your own research into each contributor. There are a lot of illustrations within the book showing what happened, or should I say what could have happened which are always welcome when the scene is being set.

Chapter One starts off with Hitler been rejected for the Austrian Army when he applies to join to serve in The Great War. Down to his last bit of money he catches a train to Germany where he ends up joining the German Navy!

As you can see it's completely different to what actually happened but then again it's not beyond the realms of what could have happened. Now having been an army chap I know nothing about the Navy be it German, British or Swiss, do the Swiss have a Navy? However the author of this particular chapter has written it in a very entertaining and fast moving style with Hitler quickly picking up on naval tactics and reading and studying at every available opportunity he quickly gains promotion and meets the future Admiral Donitz when he transfers to the U Boat section. Hitler is seen to have a hatred of the Jews early on but his mentor and CO sees to it that this is restrained and that Hitler learns self discipline, some thing in reality Hitler lacked.The chapter goes on to tell of a sea battle that sees the German Navy destroy the Royal Navy and pave the way clear for a German invasion of mainland England.

Each chapter is entirely self standing and as such the reader can read it in a particular order.

What gives this book credence is that the authors haven't just made up a story, to suite each Theatre but have taken into account what REALISTICALLY could have happened, and thus it is not only rather entertaining to read but also rather chilling, especially the chapter titled Hitler's Bomb. Each chapter finishes with a Reality of what really happened and so you can appreciate just how close, or not The Third Riech actually came to conquering the world.

There have been a few threads on this subject on Arrse, what if Sea Lion had taken place? And how could the Germans have won the war etc. This book will answer a lot of those questions and probably throw up a lot more, had Hitler not been fixated on the Jews for instance he would have had a lot more scientists working for him, would he have got the bomb in time to turn the tide?

I liked this book, it was different and was written by very qualified contributors, if you like your military history then I'd say it's worth a read, then pass it on to your friends, it will certainly get you discussing the ifs and buts on WW2 and how certain different circumstances could easily have changed the whole outcome and history of the world.

4/5 mushroom heads.

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