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Major Erich Prigge
This book is an eye witness account of the Gallipoli campaign from the Turkish (Ottoman) perspective. Written in 1916 by a German officer on the staff of Liman Von Sanders who was the head of the German mission to the Turks.

The book is broken down into 3 pats almost mini books in themselves. The initial part is written by Dr. Phillip Rance the modern author who has translated the book from German. In the initial chapter he delves into the social, political and economic situation that was present in the Ottoman Empire in the lead up to the 1st World War. This then leads onto how Germany then started its military mission to assist the Turks in rebuilding and remodelling their army following a series of campaigns in the late 19th and early 20th century. He discusses the German thought process in getting advantages for German trade and although not colonising Turkey trying to have a political and economic grip over her similar to what the British had with Egypt at the time. This is the followed by a very weighty section of references that would be absolute gold for anyone looking to study into this subject.

The second part of the book is Eric Prigge original eye witness account of the battle written and published as the battle was still ongoing, the Turkish government asked that it be withdrawn for security reasons. The book is a useful insight into the Turkish view of the battle although it does come across as a bit biased towards the Turks and having been written during the battle is written in the style to make it palatable for readers on the home front. The third part of the book is the revised version of the book that was written and published after the allied evacuation. This part of the book has omitted a lot of the place names etc for security reasons but covers the full campaign including the withdrawal which hadn’t taken place when the original was released. Again the book is a good read and very detailed but comes across as one sided.

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All in a good book very well researched and an absolute must read for anyone whos interested in the Gallipoli campaign.


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