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The Siege Of Leningrad

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The Siege of Leningrad started in September 1941 and was raised in January 1944. It was a massive undertaking by the Germans with an equally robust response by the Russians. Hitler’s plans were nothing short of its complete and utter destruction. This is the first DVD that I have seen from this Hitler’s War Machine Series by Pen and Sword, and I must say that I like the format.

The DVD consists of footage taken by the German PK Propaganda Kompanien. Pen and Sword have not tried to mess about with the footage and produce their own documentary they have simply edited and translated the original material. I think this really works and give the video a much more authentic feel conveying the atmosphere of the time very well.

As for the newsreel itself what can I say? It is unique, there are so many aspects of the Wehrmacht covered here that it will appeal to a wide audience. Those interested in history will enjoy it for what it is, a first hand account of this vast conflict. As for modellers and those who like to dress up as Nazis for the weekend (Bernie Ecclestone, Prince Harry etc) this is treasure trove of detail.

The footage covers everything from the massive logistical efforts to keep the frontline troops equipped, to actual combat. The footage appears to be mainly from the 1941 operations judging from the equipment. The conditions are horrendous, from the bitter winter, to the inevitable mire caused by the thaw. The troops were patently ill equipped to deal with the challenge, that they did is an impressive testament to their discipline.

This will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in the period. I would suggest that this will be the only chance that you get to view this impressive archive.
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