The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Lee Child
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Nashville, Tennessee, and Reacher is in need of coffee. He leaves the bus on which he has been riding and goes in search of somewhere he can drink coffee and listen to good music. But being Reacher, it is more than just a drink and relaxation, soon he is involved in helping musicians and "persuading" club management that they should pay what they owe.

But more than this, Reacher is soon involved in a matter of national security. The town has been shut down by a cyber attack and the only person who can help is an IT worker who has been sacked, Rusty Rutherford. Soon the perpetrators know that he is a threat and should be removed, but Reacher is by his side and will do whatever it needs to protect him and help the town.

This new book has been written by Lee Child and his brother, Andrew Grant, but the styles meld seamlessly together Ok, it is a touch formulaic, but if it ain't broke, the don't fix it. It is Reacher as usual and for those who like the books there will be no disappointment. I like them, possibly for the same reason as I like familiar foods; one knows what one is getting.

I have - purely for literary research, of course, read a couple of books by the brother - Andrew Grant and they are not bad at all. Slightly differing from the Reacher books in that the central character is British, although still a big bloke and ex military. There are also a series of books featuring a character named Jack Widow, by Scott Blade, in which the hero - Widow - appears to be the illegitimate son of Reacher. By a deputy sheriff ( female, obviously) from an earlier Reacher book. This hero is ex Navy Seal and follows much the same path as his supposed father. The books tend to be a bit darker than the Lee Child books, but still a decent read.

'The Sentinel' is a good book to occupy a bit of time with. Not great literature but a fast moving and entertaining read.
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