The Seaside Detective Agency

The Seaside Detective Agency

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The Isle of Man is known for being a quiet and peaceful backwater with little crime, so a detective agency would not be expected to be run off their feet with cases. With regard to this particular agency, that is not a bad thing since it is staffed with what are probably the most inept investigators. Indeed, they are generally pretty hopeless.

One of the investigators, Sam Levy, is approaching 40 and heavily challenged in the follicle department. His associate, Abby, is marginally more capable than he, although much given to misunderstandings.

Sam is assigned to a case, to follow a woman and obtain evidence of her adultery for her husband, however this becomes so much more complicated when she hires the agency to find out who is following her, and Sam is assigned to detect himself. The case becomes even stranger, with the involvement of American gangsters, art fraud and the FBI.

J.C.Williams is a new author to me, but now that I have made his acquaintance, he will be like an old friend. This is one of the funniest books I have read since I discovered the sainted Sir Terry P. I read this during a boring time at work and at one stage, was laughing so much that I couldn't answer the telephone! It is a delight to read and one becomes fond of the characters, so much so that I hope they appear again.

Sam, the hero, has a touch of the Wilt about him, and the author puts me much in mind of Tom Sharpe,

I don't know the Island, although it is a place that I have always wanted to visit, but the author does know it well and his love and affection for the place is very evident, and he communicates that in his writing. This isn't a book that will challenge your world view, nor will it outspokenly politicise you, but it will entertain you, it will make you smile and perhaps laugh out loud, and that is more than enough.

I shall be reading more of Mr Williams, and have just downloaded another of his books. All I can add is that I enjoyed this book greatly and hope that everyone else does.

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