The Saboteur of Auschwitz

The Saboteur of Auschwitz

Colin Rushton
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
Arthur Dodd RASC almost didn't get into the army due to an industrial accident, his left foot was crushed and only saved by a surgeon. He volunteered but was turned down as medically unfit, however, an officer noticed that he had a driving licence so he was inducted as a driving instructor.

Later he volunteered to go to France as the RASC was seriously short of drivers. Luckily, 12 days after Dunkirk he managed to get aboard a salvage tug after almost drowning and came back to England.

He later went on to North Africa and as a driver of ammunition trucks was supplying 7th Armoured tanks. After the second battle of Tobruk Arthur was taken prisoner and eventually ended up as a POW in Auschwitz.

He was forced to do hard labour, beaten and starved. Despite this he rebelled by sabotaging the work going on there and risked his life helping Jewish inmates. He even aided a partisan group planning a mass escape.

I did not know that there had been British POW's in Auschwitz until I read this book. Arthur Dodd's amazing story covers just over half the content, the rest by accounts of other British POW's, Jewish prisoners and affidavits given under oath at Nuremberg.

An incredible story and to be honest an enlightening book.

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