The Napoleonic Wars: Wargames Terrain and Buildings;

The Napoleonic Wars: Wargames Terrain and Buildings;

Tony Harwood
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I requested this book to review as I thought, as a keen scale modeller, it would give me ideas for scratch building parts for future dioramas and was not disappointed.

The book consists of 160 pages covering buildings in various scales from 15mm to 28/30mm and is primarily aimed at table top war-gamers and may well be of interest to @Rodney2q , but each could be adapted quite easily to any scale such as 1:48, 1:35 or 1:24 by a quick change of measurements used.

The construction methods are very detailed and fairly easy to follow, even for someone as cack-handed as me, and takes the modeller through every stage in turn. Harwood gives ideas and tips for which materials are best suited for a particular part and also painting and using washes to add ageing and weathering, as well as adding detailing to surfaces which give the completed model a realistic appearance.

Obviously, the buildings depicted I the book are from mainland European countries in the early-mid 19th Century, such as France and Spain as well as Russian or Eastern European countries (the Hungarian chapel). The one I am trying work on (between building my AH64D Apache Longbow) is the Peninsular Diorama consisting of several buildings set around a courtyard or square. I intend to use this with my Tamiya Sd.Kfz. 222 Armoured Car, because it uses mainly foam blocks which are, allegedly, easy to carve into the required shapes. I will post pictures of it when its finished, depending on whether it is any good.

A complete list of materials and paints used on each build is included at the end of each project and the Glossary at the back of the book gives a comprehensive list of materials and paints as well as glues, adhesives and tools. An explanation of the terms used in the book is also included which is of help to any modeller of whatever level of experience.

Overall I found the book a very useful guide to scratch building future projects. I often buy kits of buildings to include in a diorama but this should, I hope, allow me to build my own while saving money (to spend on more kits), especially as most of the materials used are easily sourced from arts & craft and hobby shops, as well as home improvement or hardware stores, and are relatively inexpensive to buy.
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