The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1811-1814

The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1811-1814

Tim Saunders and Rob Yuil
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
This is the second volume of a two part history of the Light Division in the Peninsular War. It does justice to the story of the light troops, infantry cavalry and gunners, that screened the British Armies in the Peninsular. It tells of actions missed in big picture accounts that skip from one big battle to the next.

By contrast to old fashioned formation histories, it uses individual testimony from officers and soldiers to provide insight into the human experience in this long arduous campaign. The author's experience as re-enactors is evident in some of the detail, and in their presence in some of the photographs.

The book is supported by black and white photographs of the ground and re-enactors and sketch maps. The errors in captions for maps and photographs that marred the first volume are not present in this volume.

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