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The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1808-1811

The Light Division in the Peninsular War 1808-1811

, Tim Saunders and Rob Yuill
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Review by @Pteranadon

This unusual military history tells the story of a Division in the first half of a long war. It tells of actions missed in big picture accounts that skip from one big battle to the next.

It does a very good job telling the story of the multitude of small actions and the sometimes repetitive experience of the light troops, infantry cavalry and gunners, that screened the British Armies in the Peninsular.

There is lots of individual testimony from officers and soldiers to bring their world to life. The book is supported by black and white photographs of the ground and re-enactors and sketch maps. Some of the captions are muddled and missing from some maps. It would also have helped if there was an explanation about how picket screens were supposed to work. These are minor omissions. Bernard Cornwall: eat yer heart out

ARRSE rating Four mushrooms

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