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The Life: Playin' Palin, My Love of Sports, and Living to the Fullest On My Own Terms

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann Corpora was the most googled Porn Star in the world before she retired in December 2014. Despite having had a moderately successful porn career in the 1990's, she retired in her 20's, ostensibly because of her fear of the spread of HIV and AID's in the adult entertainment industry. She returned to filming in in her mid-30's and became an international sensation when she appeared as the titular character in a Hustler porn spoof of Sarah Paylin's Vice Presidential campaign during 2008. This role propelled her into the 'A – list' of Pornography, and established her as the main driving force in the M.I.L.F. (Moms I'd like to F***) sub – genre.

As with most autobiographical books, we are introduced to Corpora's early family life in Eastern, Pennsylvania. Born into a Catholic Italian family, her parents fought bitterly, separated when she was young and subsequently her life was a financial struggle and her mother worked all hours to eke out a living for her and her brother. They lived in her Grandparent's basement, but eventually Lisa was packed of to live with her Father after being caught in a compromising situation with an older boy. Lisa Ann says she was an awkward teenager, who found it difficult to form relationships, but reading between the lines, she appeared to attract the attention of boys and fall out often with girls. She says she was quick to 'cut off' people who were nasty to her, and this appears to be an attitude she carries forward into later life.

As an adult, Lisa Ann becomes a stripper, and again the other girls are 'jealous' of her, so she ignores them, doesn't socialise with them and claims to follow a clean living lifestyle whilst her colleagues are either drunk or coked - up to their eyeballs. She tells us she was quick to learn from famous Porn Stars who came to strip clubs as featured dancers, and eventually moved into the hardcore industry herself, where she is financially successful if not a household name.

The book is clearly ghost written. There are many lazy 'short cut' phrases and descriptions throughout the biography that generalise events to make Lisa Ann come across as a great person, 'super nice', strong willed and unwilling to do anything she felt uncomfortable with in Porn, but most of the situations she describes lack objectivity. She appears to dislike, or at least have major problems with the British porn actors she worked with, namely Dick Nasty, Ben English and Kieran Lee.

Ben English is a prime example of her hypocrisy. Lisa Ann was working for his production company and criticising his treatment of the female staff, the contracts they had, their exploitation and his general business practices, but after resigning goes back to work for him, sets up another company with him and performed regularly with him on screen!

The author claimed to have left the Porn industry in 1998 because of multiple STD scares. In reality, it looked like she met someone she wanted to marry and get out of the business for good. She bought a Spa and treatment centre, gets ripped off (carelessness and naivety with money is another recurring theme) and lets her husband play golf all day whilst her psoriasis and stress levels get out of control from working all day, every day.

After divorcing and going back into porn as a booking agent and eventually as a performer, Ann's career is propelled into the stratosphere in Who's Nailin' Paylin. It is true that she was a major part in the 'MILF' subgenre of porn, but she was not the 'anti – racist' pioneer she claims to be. She's a hugely successful businesswoman, but I suspect that the average reader would be less interested in this side of her personality, and instead care more about salacious anecdotes and funny, light-hearted tales. She doesn't appear to have any.

I've read the autobiographies of porn stars Traci Lords, John Holmes, Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson. All of the above have notoriety or 'legendary' status for one reason or another. Lisa Ann's life story doesn't quite come across as noteworthy or compelling enough to warrant such a book. It's not very interesting, is sloppily written (or poorly edited) and almost falls into the business development genre of non – fiction.

I thought this theme and this porn star would be of interest to Arrse readers, and whilst its not a bad book, it has nothing noteworthy or worthy of recommendation. Distinctly average.

2 Mushroom heads.

Review by Command_doh

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