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The Last Waltz: The Strauss Dynasty and Vienna

John Suchet
This is the story of the Strauss family of composers, particularly Johann Strauss the Elder (1804 - 1849) and his son Johann Strauss the Younger (1825 - 1899), the Waltz King. The lives of other members of the clan, including Adele, Anna, Clementina, Eduard, Eduard (son of Josef), Franz, Jetty, Johann (nephew of Johann the Younger), Johann Michael, Johann Wilhelm, Josef, Maria Magdalena, Richard and Therese are all described in varying degrees of detail.

The story starts in the place called Leopoldstadt, before it became part of the larger city of Vienna. John Suchet, being a journalist and very knowledgeable music presenter on Classic FM radio station, tells the story clearly, logically and with entertaining language. It is well illustrated with black and white and colour prints, photographs and illustrations. There is a clear and detailed index, so that it is easy to find facts quickly.

Highly recommended to anyone interested in music, particularly waltzes, operettas, in nineteenth Vienna and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

4.5 out of 5.

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