The Last Cambridge Spy

The Last Cambridge Spy

Chris Smith
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1.5 Mushroom Heads
JOHN CAIRNCROSS was among the most damaging spies of the twentieth century. A member of the infamous Cambridge Ring of Five, he leaked highly sensitive documents from Bletchley Park, MI6 and the Treasury to the Soviet Union – including the first atomic secrets and raw decrypts from Enigma and Tunny that influenced the outcome of the Battle of Kursk.

In 2014, Cairncross appeared as a secondary, though key, character in the biopic of Alan Turing’s life, The Imitation Game. While the other members of the Cambridge Ring of Five have been the subject of extensive biographical study, Cairncross has largely been overlooked by both academic and popular writers. Despite clear interest, he has remained a mystery – until now.

The Last Cambridge Spy is the first ever biography of John Cairncross, using newly released material to tell the story of his life and espionage.

Have you ever sat there listening to someone droning on and you find yourself thinking of other things whilst saying ahh, yes and no in what you hope is the right place? Well this it it in book form!

I thought that I had won the jackpot with his month's selection of books but in all honesty this was the hardest book to read, even sitting on the throne it couldn't hold my attention. I read three chapters, eventually skipped to the punch line and even then it found my mind wandered and if you asked me about the story I don't think I could tell you.

Lent it to a mate of mine for a few days and asked him the read the first three chapters, he brought it back in short shrift after failing to get through chapter one. Sorry but it was so bland and just didn't grab my attention at all.

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