The King's War

The King's War

Mark Logue and Peter Conradi
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
During WW2, virtually no family in Great Britain was unaffected. This book focuses on two particular families - one the family of an entrepreneurial man from Australia, the other our own monarch and his family.

Most will be familiar with the "King's Speech", in particular the film. This book follows on, and goes into more detail of events which affected the Logues and the Windsors throughout the war and in the aftermath, and highlights the vital role Lionel Logue played in helping George VI overcome his speech difficulties and present a strong clear voice to inspire the nation in times of great sorrow and anxiety.

It is obvious from the letters and diaries which passed to the author (Mark Logue is the grandson of Lionel), that there was a genuine friendship between the King and Logue, which continued for the rest of the King's life.

Whilst there are no new revelations about wartime events, there are many poignant personal details, showing the human (and humane) side of these two men.

An easy read and thoughtfully written.

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