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"The Colonel, with sixteen officers and 250 men, still kept pushing on, driving the enemy before him. Amongst these ardent souls was part of of a fine company enlisting from the King's Sandringham estates. Nothing more was ever seen or heard of any of them. They charged into the forest and were lost to sight and sound. Not one of them ever came back" General Ian Hamilton. Jan 1916.

Thus began a myth perpetuated by the press about the involvement of the 'King's Company'. King George V's concern for the men from his estates fueled the paper's interest in the 'Vanished Battalion'. The numerous letters published by the survivors were totally ignored and has been revisited many times in a variety of publications and documentaries.

This book gives a complete and well researched history of the Norfolk Territorial Battalions which includes E Company, 3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Norfolk Regiment. (Later C Company, 1/5th Battalion, The Norfolk Regiment).
It also answers all the questions concerning the myth of the 'Vanished Battalion'.

Well written and well researched with many illustrations and letters, giving a very real sense of the times and the men involved.

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