The Japanese Battleship ISE by Carlo Cestra

The Japanese Battleship ISE by Carlo Cestra

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3.5 Mushroom Heads
There have been quite a few books which are aimed at the modelling fraternity reviewed on Arrse recently and this is another. Seaweed reviewed two from this particular series from Kagero Books, Destroyer Shimakaze and Schnellboot S-38 & S-100.

I will deal with this book but I don’t have a lot to add to the reviews by @seaweed. They are excellent for the dedicated modeller and produce sharp, clear illustrations of the ship showing very intricate details, especially weapons, rigging, radar and signalling equipment. The detail is truly amazing. Included with the book is a large poster giving line drawings of the ship with smaller drawings of the ship’s boats, small armament, and this ship had plenty of smaller anti-aircraft weapons. If there is one, tiny criticism, it is that the author ignores the aircraft carried by ISE, which he maybe thinks as not really nautical! They are shown in position on the large scale line drawing.

The illustrations of the ship are, in my opinion, much better than photographs as the artist does not have to worry about light and shadow and get in to the tiny niches that battleships have in multitudes.

The book opens with several pages giving the history of the ship and how it was employed. This is a concise and very informative piece which puts the ship into context and puts some heart into the cold, accurate illustrations. Overall, the author has brought together book which shows this particular ship in all its glory and explains her history.

While the reader may not be interested in this particular battleship, it is worth looking at the series to see if there are any in there that will help them in the modeller’s everlasting struggle to get accuracy in their work.

For the day to day reader this book may not be your first port of call, but it is an interesting history of ships of that era or pre and during WW2. To the modeller this is an excellent book which will go a long way in helping them get accuracy in their hobby. Whether it is this book or one of the others, I am sure that modellers will appreciate the work, presentation and history presented by the author and publisher. I recommend checking out the series of books, many iof which can be fiound on Casemate Books website.

To the generalist reader this book is probably 2.5 Mr MRHs but to the modeller this must be in the region of 4.5 Mr MRHs. Overall 3.5.

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