The Infernal Battalion

The Infernal Battalion

Django Wexler
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
This is book 5 and the last of the shadow campaign series.
A bit of a parson's egg this series really, it has an interesting setting, well away from the normal fantasy worlds. Being set in a powder and shot era, rather than the medieval type setting. Any student of the Napoleonic era will recognise places and people.

The magic is mainly low key and quite well thought out. There are a few twists to the story as well, some well-hidden others not so much.

The main drawbacks is the characters. They are fairly well rounded and an interestingly mixed bag. However, I had no real empathy for any of them and frankly didn't really give a toss if they lived or died.

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I've given 3 mushroom heads, mainly because of the change of setting and era.
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