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The Imposter’s Handbook

Ross McCammon
This book is well named as it claims to set out to show people how they can ‘cheat’ their way through interviews into the job of their dreams. However it is really just the story of the author’s career from being head-hunted into a plum marketing job with a prestigious US magazine.

Having said that this is a very funy tale of someone who fell on their feet when it came to their career. There are loads of things to do or not do and say while trying to become successful such as “Things you should never say during a speech”, very helpful for those constantly making speeches. Mind you, I don’t know who he is giving speeches to as the last in that particular list is : Don’t ever say: “Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I’ll be over here attempting to swallow”!

Basically the book is a list of “How to....” or “Don’t do...” some of which is funny, most of which is very American, written for an audience across the pond. If you come across this book then please do give it a read, it is funny. As to buying it; I’m not that sure.

2/5 Mr MRHs from me.
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