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The House with No Rooms

Lesley Thomson
This book is quite a read at 429 pages in hardback, published by Head Zeus and retails at £20.00.

The story is set over a long time frame starting off in 1958 in Kew, West London and ending in dramatic style in 2014.

A story that sees two young lads one aged 18 one younger involved in a murder in an old house in West London in 1958. We all know the rope was in use back then and so the story starts.

The story teller has used three different time frames and has been very clever in bringing the whole story together. Who remembers the drought and long hot summer of 1976? The authors description of this summer is excellent, and almost takes you back in time(I wish), with a story of school children going to school and playing in the grounds of Kew Gardens. Describing Kew in great detail it really is a smashing atmospheric read.

From 1976 we come bang up to date to the year 2014. Where the main characters are introduced Stella, the business lady and owner of a cleaning company who likes to carry out cleaning duties herself as well as run the company. There's Jack her long term friend who is a tube driver on the late night shifts, and a chap called Cashman a senior detective in the Met and old friend of Stella's late father who was also a senior detective. Then there is Stella's friend Chrissy, also known as Tina, as her actual name is Christina, this poor lady is a successful lawyer and unfortunately contracts the big C, upon her deathbed in the hospice she confides a secret to Stella, however due to the drugs she really doesn't make much sense and it is up to Stella and Jack to make sense of it all.

Two other characters are also introduced, but what has all this got to do with how the story started back in 1958?

There is more than just the one murder in this book, there are three, but it isn't a bloodbath it isn't nasty or overly violent, think of it like a midsommer murder story set in London.

I am not going to go into detail, after all it's a fictional story and you don't want to know the story before you open the book.

As I've said it's very atmospheric especially the night scenes at Kew Gardens which almost come to life.

I must be honest I read most of this book at night and more often than not stayed up far too late, a book that when I got to the end made perfect sense and one I that I enjoyed.

Well worth the 4.25 mushroom heads.
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