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The Highway; by C.J.Box

It was Danielle and Gracie's secret. A teenage adventure. A 1,000 mile drive along the spine of the Rocky Mountains to visit Danielle's boyfriend in Montana. Their parents were never to know.

But now the girls have simply vanished.

The only person who knows they're missing is Danielle's boyfriend. He persuades his father – a disgraced, suspended cop – to search for them.

But he too simply disappears.

Now it's up to rookie cop, war widow and single mother Cassie Dewell to find them. Her investigation will introduce her to FBI's Highway Serial Killer Task Force, compel her to confront a spate of roadside sexual mutilations and murders, and lure her towards a darkness greater than anything she could ever have imagined.

Those who have read any of this author's books may be familiar with one of his controversial “heroes“, Investigator Hoyt of the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Department, and he features in this tale too, however the main star of the story is the rookie investigator, Cassie Dewel.
C.J.Box writes about the less familiar areas of law enforcement. We are used to big city cops or FBI agents, but this author's characters are drawn from small town police forces, remote Sheriff's departments and Park Rangers from the Wildlife and Countryside Departments. No concrete canyons or wide city streets teeming with people, rather there are real canyons, mountains, forests and wild animals. Nevertheless, criminals abound and the forces of law and order are there to deal with them.

This particular story is - in parts - gruesome, but always enthralling. The author has an eye for detail and knows how to tell a good story.

Most enjoyable indeed.

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