The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations - Edited by Peter Tsouras & Chris Riddell

The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations - Edited by Peter Tsouras & Chris Riddell

Edited by Peter Tsouras, Illustrated by Chris Riddell
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Published by Greenhill Books c/o Pen & Sword books. ISBN: 978 78438 477 7

Peter G. Tsouras is a military historian and author. A Greek-American, he served in the United States Army and retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He served in armor, military intelligence, and civil affairs assignments. He currently works as a senior analyst with the Battelle Corporation and resides in Alexandria, Virginia. He has written extensively in the field of military alternative history.
His many books include: Alexander: Invincible King of Macedonia; Britannia's Fist: From Civil War to World War - An Alternate History; A Rainbow of Blood: The Union in Peril; Bayonets, Balloons, & Ironclads: Britain and France Take Sides with the South; Changing Orders: The Evolution of the World's Armies, 1945 to the Present; Disaster at D-Day: The Germans Defeat the Allies, June 1944; Disaster at Stalingrad: An Alternate History; Gettysburg: An Alternate History; The 'Great Patriotic War': The Illustrated History of the Soviet Union at War With Germany, 1941-1945; Montezuma: Warlord of the Aztecs ISBN 1-57488-822-6; Warlords of the Ancient Americas: Central America; Warlords of Ancient Mexico: How the Mayans and Aztecs Ruled for More Than a Thousand Years.
He is also the editor of a number of historical "Alternate Histories" and Dictionaries.

Chris Riddell OBE (born 13 April 1962) is a British illustrator and occasional writer of children's books and a political cartoonist for the Observer. He has won three Kate Greenaway Medals as well as the British librarians' annual award for the best-illustrated children's book, and two of his works were commended runners-up, a distinction dropped after 2002. He has written a large number of children's books and illustrated even more.

One would think that any book of quotations would simply be a list of quotes of who said what and would list the quotes in alphabetical order in the contents. Not so for Tsouras! He has cleverly collected a large number of quotes and sorted them alphabetically into categories that suit them. For instance, in "B" the sections are: Battle - the cost of, - the dynamics of, - the human factor, - the love of, - the purpose of; Battlefield, Bayonet, Best you can, Blitzkrieg, Bloodshed, Boldness, Bravery, Brotherhood, Bureaucracy and Buzzwords. This may seem a puzzling way to edit a collection of quotes, but it does actually work. Instead of having to wade through quotations by numerous worthies, one only has to check a category and find various quotes to suit their purpose.

If however, you are of a mind to find quotations by a single person, there is an excellent biographical index at the back of the book, listing all quoters alphabetically with the page number for the section they are contained within. The construction of the book is such, that following a four-page contents section, there is then a two-page acknowledgements section. The dictionary is prefaced with an informative and, sometimes humorous introduction by Tsouras. The reader gets to the quotations after perusing the seven and a half pages of well-written preface.

If you are like me and enjoy quotations, this book is a must have! Coming in at 10" x 7" and comprising over 570 pages, this is quite a weighty tome and not recommended for the bedside table. It is ideal the military historian and researcher alike, although a model could be made with a hand-engraved quote added to it's base to add a little interest - especially if entered in competitions or exhibitions. I have enjoyed reading this book and found all the usual suspects; SunTzu, Carl von Clausewitz, Winston Churchill, Arthur Wellesley, Robert E. Lee and Dwight D. Eisenhower as well as several lesser known contributors.

I rate this book very highly and recommend it to all of you historians

Excellent 5/5

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