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The Great War Illustrated 1917

William Langford & Jack Holyrood
The fourth in the series of this book the others being 1914-1916. The book offers an extremely interesting pictorial history of the war in 1917.

Starting off with the German retreat to the Hindenburg line then to the battle of Arras including Vimy Ridge. There is not a lot of text but the picture descriptions and the maps offer you a sequential account of each of the chapters.

It’s worth noting that the pictures used aren’t the standard Great War pictures that every other history book normally includes.

The book goes on goes on covering the air war, unrestricted submarine warfare,the French mutiny, the USA joining the war and Russia being knocked out of it with the last few chapters covering the late year allied offensives including Mesopotamia.

All in the book gives a very detailed and interesting pictorial history of the war in 1917, a good book for pictorial reference for readers with a decent insight into WW1 history but I think it could have done better with a bit more background text.

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