The Falaise Pocket

The Falaise Pocket

Yves Buffetaut
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
From the author “This illustrated account examines the battle from the failed offensive at Mortain, looking at both German and Allied perspectives, using maps, diagrams and profiles to complete the story.”

The narrative follows a logical sequence, taking the reader through the various Operations and key events that led to an effective Allied victory in the conclusion of the battle for Normandy. It highlights the sheer scale of the German loss of men but more significantly materiel.

There are personality profiles that provide a concise insight of the main leaders in the campaign. The profiles of equipment are well illustrated, which could benefit from some additional technical specifications in a future revised addition.

This is the sort of book I loved as a child – Interesting, informative but not overly wordy and contains many informative maps, pictures and photographs bringing the narrative to life.

I consider the book is more suited to a student of military history seeking an overview than a casual reader. It gives a concise account of events, with a good set of references for further reading/research. That said, for pictures alone, it could happily site on the coffee table, ready to be picked up and flicked through.

My only feedback, derived from years of military staff work, is the font type and size jumps around a lot between various paragraphs and I found this a distraction.

A solid 3 Mushroom Heads


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