The End of the World Survivors Club

The End of the World Survivors Club

Adrian J Walker
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Three years or so ago I reviewed the The End of the World Running Club which told the story of a normal, overweight bloke called Edgar, who has to get from the ruins of Edinburgh to Cornwall to catch up with his wife and kids, who are being evacuated following a massive asteroid swarm that has devastated the UK along with most of the Northern Hemisphere. The only way he can get through the remains of Great Britain to her, at the evacuation point is… to run.

This book tells the story of his wife, Beth. She made it to an Evacuation Camp with her toddler and her baby, where they are waiting to board a ship. And board it she does. Ed arrives in Falmouth just in time to see the ship depart, leaving Ed still on the dock. Too. Damn. Late.

So we have Beth and her kids on a ship, Ed still in Falmouth and lots of adventures to come. Overcrowded ships, Tsunamis, sinking ships, child stealing nutters, pirates, battles, Gibraltar, injuries, a drastically altered coastline of Europe and not a few coincidences leave Ed finding Beth, and then them both following leads to find Mary who, instead of babysitting the kids whilst Beth tried to fix a ship’s computer system, has claimed them as her own and is heading for Florida; whilst an angry pirate chases Beth. Confused yet? Don’t worry, it’s all explained in the book.

It’s not a bad novel. A few too many coincidences and ‘luckily for them…’ moments than I like, and although I’m no planetary scientist, I do find the damage to Earth’s geography a little hard to take, but what do I know? So yes, it’s not bad. Not as good as End of the World Running Club, but that aside it’s a good yarn.

I give this book 4 Mr Mushroom award.

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