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The Drift

Chris Thrall
Hans Larsson has had a tragedy in his life; his wife and young son murdered in brutal circumstances. With the intent to put the past behind him, he and his fiesty young daughter Jessica come to England to buy a yacht. The dream boat is found and the adventure begins. The intent is to sail the boat back to America, a new beginning and an exciting bonding time for father and daughter.

En route they meet Penny, an experienced skipper of yachts and an attractive English girl at that. They also meet and befriend Marcel, a charming and larger than life rogue with his magnificent boat that holds many secrets, dangerous and deadly secrets.

It seems too good to be true, the perfect boat, an intelligent and adventurous daughter and a beautiful woman. It was too good to be true; tragedy strikes Larsson once more and his life hangs in the balance.

I got this book via a twitter contact and wasn't actually being too hopeful, but my doubts were severely misplaced. This is a thrilling page turner of a book. The author keeps the narrative flowing without stalling along the way and his descriptive writing puts you in the cockpit of the yacht. In fact, I was so taken by the book that as soon as I had finished it, I ordered the sequel 'The Trade' and rapidly devoured that book too.

The author, Chris Thrall, is a former Bootie, but despite that he can write.He served with the Royal Marine Commandos, then spent a long period of time working with street children in Mozambique. He is the author of a well received book on his addiction to crystal meth whilst working for the Triads in Hong Kong.

This - and it's sequel - is an excellent adventure yarn and survival story, well written and full of detail, I enjoyed both of them very much.

4 MH

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