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Operation Jubilee has been dissected and reviewed for over 75 years, Excellent books such as “One Day In August” and novels abound. This , however, is the official account produced in 1958 by The Admiralty and expanding on Battle Summary no 33 Raid on Dieppe.

The Dieppe Raid was conventionally seen as a test bed for D Day and accounts tended to focus on the technical beach operations. It also became a by word for the courage of Canadian troops in the Second World War as much as Vimy Ridge in The Great War. The political background includes the demands from Stalin for more activity on the western front and a Canadian desire on a role for their armed forces.

Later works have looked at the role of Mountbatten in the run up to the attack. In the run up everyone wanted a piece of the operation; Army, Navy, Combined Ops, Air but on failure the words of J F Kennedy seem an apt analogy. Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

This review will ignore the re arguing of the various historians viewpoints, rather one can examine what this publication brings to the canon of Dieppe writing.
The book was written at a time when many of the participants were still alive and often still in service. The account had a good access to official papers in an era when public record were less friendly to the historian. At the time The Official Secrets Act would have shielded many files from external eyes. On the downside it is naïve to assume no cover my back was occurring anywhere.

The book is an unusual format to modern readers. 52 pages of main body, followed by 252 pages of appendices arranged as 38 separate appendices and 10 pages of notes and sources. There are some useful maps and plans but, strangely no index. A decided annoyance to those looking for source material.

Pen And Sword always print to a good standard and the photos are on good glossy paper. The cover price is £25 with copies on Amazon from £14.69
The book can seem quite dry and is aimed primarily at the military historian rather than the casual reader. Also a must have for unit libraries in the littoral ops world.

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