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The Decoys, A Tale of 3 Atlantic Convoys 1942 Bernard Edwards

Bernard Edwards
The main premise of this book is that during the preparations for Operation Torch, the invasion of Morocco and Algeria, that three convoys were deliberately used as decoys to draw U-Boats away from the main troop carrying ships travelling across the Atlantic.

However, the actual amount of discussion on this subject is limited and no real evidence is put forward to support this proposition, other than the fact that more convoy escorts were used to protect the high value assets than the three convoys in question.

That is not to say that this is not an informative book as it closely follows the three convoys in question and you get a really good idea of the devastation that the Wolf Packs were able to inflict at that point in the Battle of the Atlantic when there was no air cover and limited warships.

The shear heroism of the all those involved quickly becomes apparent, from both the Royal and the Merchant Navy as well as those who served in the U Boats. All involved could instantly find themselves sunk without any prior notice and if lucky enough rescued, though this in itself was not without risk.

As a description of what could happen to under escorted convoys this book is superb, unfortunately it does not quite live up to its main title in that I felt that there was no real evidence presented that the convoys in question were deliberately used a decoys to protect other ships.

Whilst you would think that such an omission would devalue such a book, there is such a wealth of research and detail in the narrative around the three convoys that, to me, the story is not so much the debate whether they were decoys but the nature of their destruction.

The book could have benefited from a few maps and maybe a diagram of each convoy with ship positions but there are some nice photographs in it.

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