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The Dark Isle

Clare Carson
Oh dear, not sure how to actually write this review without being too scathing, however a review is a review and I try to be honest when writing the reviews for Arrse. This is the authors third book the others being Orkney Twilight and The Salt Marsh.

I didn't like it, I couldn't buy into the characters who just didn't come to life, a good book needs characters you can imagine and the players in this book just didn't get going. There's Anna, Sam and Jim who is dead who worked for the secret service and his old colleague Pierce who is now living on a desolate island named Hoy and wants to get in touch with his estranged daughter but is apparently in hiding from an arms dealer with whom he had dealings with whilst working for the intelligence services.

The book goes back and forward from the drought of 1976 to 1989. Now when the book goes back to the 70's it's like reading a girl's own adventure similar to an Enid Blyton story. Two girls playing going for a cycle ride pinching some mosaic tiles from an old Roman building undergoing work, drinking lemonade whilst waiting for a friend, good grief I thought inject something that has some bearing on the damn story, what story though? I tried but couldn't fathom out what the whole story was about it just lacked excitement, and totally failed to get my imagination going. And then these small mosaic ties been shared out to Jim and the two girls, and making an appearance throughout the book. I'm sorry but this really did push me to the limit, if I had bought this book I'd have been sending it back after chapter three or maybe five demanding a refund because the small write ups on the cover must have been written for a different book, as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover“!

Ok perhaps this book is aimed at women, (am I allowed to say that nowadays?) anyhow that's where I think the problem lies with this book, perhaps a female reviewer would give this book a much higher score, who knows but that is the only positive I can give this book.

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