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The Contract

Chris Darnell
Paul Stanton is back. The hero of 'The Return' is back in a new thriller, this time he is in Africa.

It is October 1989 and the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher needs a deniable operator on a delicate yet vital mission to act in South Africa and so Stanton is once again recruited.

The villainous Richard de Castenet is once again deeply involved in treachery and corruption. de Castenet was the adversary of Stanton in Northern Ireland and Berlin and would seek revenge on Stanton for his downfall. Stanton is once again helped by two of his S.A.S comrades and backed by a shadowy figure in Intelligence.

The story focuses on the trade in illegal diamonds, the corruption in high places in government in the area and mercenaries wreaking death and destruction. Add in rebel forces in Mozambique and the stage is set for an intriguing and thrilling story.

Paul Stanton, if you have not read any of the books featuring him, was an officer in a Highland regiment in Crossmaglen, that well-known rest and recuperation town in Northern Ireland. He first features in the book 'The Return' which has just been reissued. In that story his career is placed in jeopardy - along with his life - by an attack on a checkpoint by the IRA. This attack leads to an investigation as to how the terrorists had so much inside information. The trail leads from Crossmaglen to Berlin via London and Scotland before reaching a crashing finale.

Chris Darnell was commissioned into The Gurkhas where he served for ten years before transferring to The K.O.S.B. He served several tours on Operation Banner and was awarded the MBE. He commanded his battalion in the first Gulf War. He is the author of three books featuring Paul Stanton as well as 'So, you want to be a Gurkha'

These are good reads, and for those of a military bent they are full of accurate and interesting details. Well worth a read.
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