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The Brotherhood

Craig William Emms
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
In the UK there is a growing group of vigilantes called the Brotherhood. Formed from people who have left the armed forces it exists to combat organised crime but is also there to help those whose plight seems to have been missed by the forces of law and order. Although there is no formal management of the group a committee does exist to analyse information (some of which has been received from sympathetic members of the police and security services). Currently, the information concerns an east European mafia group and just how the Brotherhood intends to deal with the problem. Needless to say, MI5, MI6 and the National Crime Agency are also very interested and have already infiltrated the Brotherhood with the intention of both using the information and of shutting down this vigilante group.

Although there is no leader as such, John Smith seems to be the figurehead accepted by all within the group and this book is the latest in the series of books written by Craig Emms in which John Smith is the hero. John Smith is a very special ex-special forces soldier who has his own ideas on what is right. He has seen action in many places and acted as spy and assassin for certain people but was thought to have died in a somewhat delicate mission. He proves he is anything but dead, providing the driving force behind the activities of the Brotherhood. Eventually, the Brotherhood has an understanding with the security services and police resulting in a sort of task force dedicated to wiping out the offshoot mafia.

The author provides adequate descriptions where military equipment and chat is concerned, something lacking in other similar books and has ensured that the story moves at speed. The only drawback is the ways in which the hero manages to survive each and every threat, sometimes stretching things just a bit too far. However, it is an easy read for those looking for a straightforward thriller which does not tax the brain unduly.
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