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The British Constitution (First Draft)

Guy Browning
In the 800 years since the assigning of the Magna Carta, Britain has never actually got round to putting a Constitution into written form and has fallen back on interpretations of the MC, even though it was written purely to ensure that the Upper Middle Classes kept hold of their money! Browning has therefore brought us his suggestions for the first draft of a new British Constitution. It should be noted that British is used with a capital ‘E’ as the three nations other than England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland only get a passing acknowledgement i.e. he contends that an Englishman’s Castle is his home, especially when it is in Scotland, Wales or Ireland – you get the drift!

Browning has suggested ten areas that the British Bill of Rights & Duties should cover – and Duties is an important part of this. #1 is “Everything should be fair.” And he goes on to explain how this would come about with Rules pertaining to Class, Money, Taxes, Opportunities (how one gets on in life), Use of the NHS (how to to get the best use of NHS facilities by looking up your symptoms, deciding on a diagnosis then spending weeks trying to get an appointment with your Doctor!). #2 is obviously “We will decide what is fair”, with Rules for Monarchy, Parliament, Voting and other areas designed to ensure fairness to all.

This is a very funny book yet is not new at all! Just about all that Browning writes has been covered in one way or another on ARRSE (until locked by a Mod), so you can see he is approaching this with a great deal of Common Sense and a feeling that Johnny Foreigner should change to our way of thinking and not vice versa.

Again, a small, pocket-sized book which can be used constantly for consultation as we approach the in/out referendum for the EU. If at any time you feel that you are wavering and may just feel like voting to stay in the EU, just bring out this book and remind yourself what being British is really all about!
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