The Bridge

The Bridge

Robert Radcliffe
ARRSE Rating
3.5 Mushroom Heads
Young paratrooper Theo Trickey has had a remarkable war. Boy soldier, commando, intelligence officer – fighting from northern France to the African desert and in the mountains of Italy. He has already done more than should be asked of any man in war.

But D-Day is looming and British intelligence have one more mission for Trickey: to negotiate with his extraordinary old acquaintance, General Erwin Rommel. There are rumours that Germany's greatest general wants to save the Fatherland by any means possible...

The Bridge is the final instalment of Radcliffe's Airborne trilogy which tells the extraordinary story of a young soldier, a new regiment and how, together, they changed the course of a war.

Another rip roaring yarn in the Airborne trilogy, in fact the final part of young Theo Trickeys' jaunts across many battlefronts serving as an intelligence officer for the newly formed Airborne brigade. Starting as an escaped POW in Italy being rescued and being giving an intelligence post (which thereby allows him to be all over the place like Sharpe at Waterloo) becomes in a plot to assist Rommel, who is a family friend, to end the war early by convincing the German Army in France to surrender to the Allies saving lots of lives and ending the war early. Our hero travels the front line and behind it getting into all sorts of scrapes ending up at Arnhem thence to Germany as a medic. A ripping yarn indeed .

The problem for me, is that although this is a great action filled story, that you really have to suspend reality to enjoy the plot, it will be fine for Civvys. The action is "Alles Uber Der Platz " meaning that you have to concentrate or get lost, in fact there were occasions where i had to reread chapters to ensure that I had grasped the plot. The historical action is realistic and and worth the effort. All in all though I think that there was too much material for one book and perhaps not enough for two.

Three and a half mushroom heads for the historical content.

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