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The Boy Who Saw

The Boy Who Saw

Simon Toyne
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
In a small and ancient town in France, an elderlt tailor is murdered, brutally. A slogan on the wall of his shop - written in German and in his blood - 'Finishing What was Begun'.

The grandaughter of the dead man and her son have also been left a cryptic message from the tailor and as a result they must run and hide to survive. They are aided in this by a stranger, Solomon Creed.

Creed is an enigma, a man seemingly without a past and yet with an inordinate amount of knowledge, including some very arcane matters. Creed has no memory of who he is or where he came from, other than those events that preceded his voyage to France ( Solomon Creed; Book 1 ) All he has to guide him in his search for his identity is a beatifully made jacket, part of a suit, with his name embroidered inside.

The spectre of the Nazi death camps hangs heavily over the woman and her remarkable son.This is the boy who can see colours. The colours that attend people and he can interpret them. Creed has a similar gift, but rather than colours he can decipher scents. Together they will try to survive the pursuit of those who wish to kill them. They can trust no-one, excepth Creed, and even he may be not what they think he is.

The second of the Creed books is a page-turning thriller, and very well written. A good deal of research has gone into this book and it lends to the authenticity of the plot. The central character, Solomon Creed is mysterious and, one can suspect, somewhat suernatural. This is the second of the Creed stories and I found it to be most enjoyable. One of those books that once you start you then have to continue with, eager to know the end yet reluctant for it to finish. Excellent stuff.

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