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The Black Prince

Michael Jones
I really enjoyed this book, one of my childhood heroes mainly because of the old Airfix figure at first, then as a man who was possibly the nearest to the chivalric knight ideal that is was possible to be.

This is quite a hefty book running to 456 pages with some excellent maps and illustrations as well. It's extremely well written with a lot of background detailing without bogging down in trivia. It covers the famous incidents as well as the more mundane day to day life with the same degree of enthusiasm.

Which brings me to the only real disappointment as far I was concerned. Despite it being titled The Black Prince and the term being used throughout the book, the author then skips over the whole “Black Prince” thing! He offers no more than a paragraph the gist of which is “I don't know” as to why the title was used for Edward and no other. I was hoping for at least some discussion as to the whys and wherefores.

Possibly the most interesting chapters is on the sack of Limoges. The author has rehabilitated Edward's reputation regarding this and it seems it was the French that actually were responsible not the English (as any fule kno the French can't be trusted hem hem).

In conclusion this a book both for the general reader with a passing interest in this period and an excellent source of reference for anyone with more than a passing interest alike. It's both a book you could dip into or read in depth. I am re-reading it myself. I'd give it 4 mushroom heads.

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