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The Battle of Trafalgar

The Battle of Trafalgar

Floridian Richter & Peter Dennis
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
One of twelve booklets released by Helion to introduce wargaming to the beginner or novice. This book is A4 sized, 48 pages of paper cut-outs of every ship involved in the Battle of Trafalgar (79 in total).

It also includes bases, flags, wrecks and 2 sheets of building instructions plus downloadable rules from the paper soldier section of the Helion website.

On first glance, I thought "this has got to be a gimmick" however, I was quite surprised as to the level of detail the two authors had gone into. There is even an index of ship's flags; indicating what flags were flown and on what mast, for each ship.

For the novice wargamer, this is a good introduction. Not everyone's cup of tea but useful for those who want to dip their toe in the water.

I feel a page or two of instruction would have been useful, plus a pocket history of the actual battle. I also feel that pictures of the main characters and or ships would have helped.

Overall Mark - 3 out of 5

Published by Helion & Company,
ISBN 978-1-912174-81-2

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