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The Battle of Glenshiel, the Jacobite Rising in 1719

The Battle of Glenshiel, the Jacobite Rising in 1719

Jonathan Worton
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
No 35 in theCentury of the Soldier Series

Before reading this most informative and well laid out book, my knowledge of the Jacobite Revolution was rather sparse, small details recalled from schooldays and probably more through Hollywood's version of History. I also failed to realise that the Rising was fomented some 30 years earlier.

The politics of this period are so complex that you really need a book like this to set out the order of battle as it where, and to explain all of the reason's for the political turmoil of the time.

In many ways the battle has parallels with so many feints and diversions carried out during the second world war. The Duke of Ormond meets up with Spains Cardinal Alberoni and initiates a plan to invade England, but by launching a diversionary raid on Scotland they hoped to draw away the British forces.

It all started so well as the Spanish sailed away from Cadiz then the diversionary Jacobite force sails for Scotland from Spain, shortly followed by another contingent from France. Now at this point the Royal Navy get involved and looks to fight the Spanish visitors, however Mother nature takes a hand and the Spanish invasion fleet return to port.

The Jacobite Force however make landfall in Stornoway and then sail cross to the mainland of Scotland , where they wait in vain for the rest of the troops to arrive, and then over a matter of weeks the battle progresses with the Royal Navy shelling Eilean Donan Castle and Major-General Wightman's troops going into battle with the Jacobites, beating them.

I had not realised that the Castle you see now is a more modern replacement, the Navy having pretty much wrecked the original.

Now this is a very exhaustive and well laid out book, I have only focused on a very small section of it, the book includes copies of very accurate hand drawn military maps dating from that period, superb line drawings of the troops , their uniforms and weapons and reproductions of the paintings of all the key players.

As well as excellent high quality photographs of the site of the battle at Glenshiel, along with Photographs of the various military buildings involved in the conflict, this 215 page book with over 180 illustrations, is probably the most accurate and informative book about the 1719 Jacobite rebellion.

A thoroughly readable and well laid out book , full of well researched details from original archives, coupled with modern maps and interpretations of the conflict.

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