The Bastille Spy

The Bastille Spy

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In 1789, Attica Morgan an English spy, dressed in rags has been captured by slave traders and is held in a slave market in St Petersburg where her hidden weapons enable her to release herself, kill the guard and enable the escape of one Gaspard de Mayennes and several female slaves. After delivering Gaspard in France, Attica goes on to London and attends a family wedding where she comes up against family problems and the realisation that she is expected to be married because her ideas as a spy do not match those of more powerful people. Undaunted our heroine makes her way to Whitehall where she enters a special secret door being a member of the society known as the Sealed Knot and meets a man who in different circumstances would be her lover. At this point another character, her cousin Grace is introduced and succeeding chapters in turn explain what is happening to both females.

Apparently Grace has been sent to France as a mule believing she merely went to Paris for her wedding, carrying certain gifts, and finds herself enduring many problems and situations while the citizens of France find themselves ever closer to a revolution. Attica is given the task of finding Grace and solving the associated problem. To do this she is given the code name of Pimpernel but there is the problem of getting her out of England and into France, something which involves a pirate ship with a captain to whom she is attracted. After yet more intrigue Attica has to row ashore on the Seine in Paris and in her search for Grace follows her cousin’s progress while enduring more adventures and meeting people such as Robespierre and Madam Roland.

Eventually Attica and the one thought to be a pirate captain become involved in the storming of the Bastille which takes place on the fourteenth of July.

A considerable amount of fact has been woven into this historical novel which involves gruesome violence, murder and revolution with a hint of romance though no bodice ripping sessions in this fast acting thriller. However, it seems this book tries to be all these things in one cover while addressing the roles of females in the eighteenth century with the attendant fashion and dress descriptions of that time. This is a relatively easy book to read and could certainly while away the time on plane or train but is not really a gripping novel.

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