Team of Teams:  new rules of engagement for a complex world

Team of Teams: new rules of engagement for a complex world

General Stanley McChrystal
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"Team of Teams" is a how-to book on transformational organisational change. Written by a small team, led by General Stanley McChrystal, it provides a powerful analysis of how combining the benefits of small teams (agility, adaptability and cohesion) with the power and resources of a larger organisation can produce surprising results.

Although this is not a book about the military or Special Forces, McChrystal uses his own experiences in Iraq to illustrate his points throughout. Indeed, it was his experiences trying to fathom why his highly skilled and equipped special forces, winning every tactical engagement, were making little operational headway against AQI that led him to reassess his approach to leadership and organisational structure.

McChrystal and his team have struck an excellent balance: the book serves up a sound historical overview of how organisational practices have evolved since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the military examples provide great contextual support, as well as being a fascinating insight into what happened within the US SOF sphere of influence. The book really flows well and is a pleasure to read: this is no dry management textbook.

It is testament to the utility of the book that I have found myself subconsciously applying several of the lessons identified over the past couple of weeks on returning to work. In particular, it has made me far more aware of inefficiency and how one might minimise its effect.

On Amazon the kindle version of the book is an absolute steal at £1.99 - this really is a worthwhile investment. I heartily recommend this to anyone in a position of command from JNCO to senior officer, or junior management to CEO.

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