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Target Dry Mens Origin Insulated Jacket

The Origin insulated jacket is in the same group of jackets as the RAB Microlight Alpine jacket and The North Face Redpoint, although the offering from Target Dry is at the bottom of the budget range in comparison, but this does not mean that it is lacking in performance.

The jacket has a nylon outer and inner sandwiching 200gsm Thermolite Insulation in comparison to the Redpoints 130gsm (I did look up what gsm was, but got bored, basically the bigger the number, the warmer the item should be). The jacket has two hand warmer pockets that are lined with a brushed, synthetic material secured with a zip, there is a chest pocket on the inside left of the jacket also lined and zip fastened. The collar is lined with the same brushed synthetic material as the pocket linings and has a fold over cover for the zip. The YKK zip is reversed, I assume in an attempt to make it more windproof, has an internal storm flap and a rubber grip zip pull that is glove friendly, the bottom of the jacket is adjusted by elastic cords. The hood is attached by a zip and fastened at the front with two press studs; the hood is also adjustable round the face with elastic cord and toggles. The hood is of the same materials as the jacket including the thinsulate fill.

I must admit that I was dubious about the jacket before it arrived, I had reviewed pair of this companies socks before and found them outstanding, but there is a hell of a difference between producing socks and a jacket to be used in the hills and mountains.

When I received the jacket I was very impressed by how light it is, at 682g (incl. hood) it is lighter than the cotton jacket I have been wearing out and about during the rare bits of warmer weather I have seen in this country. While wearing you really do forget it’s on, it really is that light. Do not believe though, that this affects its performance in any way, this has become my jacket of choice, whether going into town, taking the kids to the school bus stop or stamping about in the hills. I have never before been so impressed with an outdoor product, especially after not expecting all that much from it.

When worn the jacket keeps me at a comfortable temperature, in normal use I have never been to hot and when on the hills and I did start to heat up the zip vents it remarkably well. Although not marketed as windproof it held its own in all but the strongest gusts. The water repellent outer beads really well and held up to a large amount of water. It wasn’t until I had been caught in a proper storm that the seams started to leak on the shoulder.

Now it does have its problems, I am not sure about the how long it is going to last as the seam has already started to come apart inside, I have worn it for two weeks with one trip into the hills and it has been washed once. I noticed the hole which measures approx.7cm as I was about to put it in the washing machine. There also appears to be numerous threads loose so I will be keeping an eye on these.

If I was to be ultra picky there are a few design elements that may have kept me from buying the jacket in the first place and I must repeat this is me being ultra picky. The cuffs are close fitting and sealed with elasticated nylon, I would have preferred a Velcro closure or something along those lines. I am not keen on the removable hood, I think the zip and press studs make it cumbersome, I would have preferred a built in hood like the Rab jacket. The last point I have to make is the flap that covers the hood connecting zip; I would have thought it would have been better to have it facing down from the hood rather than up from the jacket as this makes it a moisture trap.

These do not detract from the fact that Target Dry have produced an impressive garment that compares favourably with items almost twice its price, I would have given this jacket three five star ratings if the hole had not appeared. I would have no problem whatsoever in recommending this jacket to anyone.

Target Dry Mens Origin Insulated Jacket