Tankcraft 7, Panzer I & II

Tankcraft 7, Panzer I & II

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The Panzer I and II played a huge role in the blitzkrieg battles of the early war that brought Germany such success and this well-presented book covers all aspects of that success and is an ideal introduction to the two tanks.

With Germany prevented from producing tanks by the Versailles treaty, everyone involved in the production of the Panzer 1 was sworn to secrecy. By the time the German Army had invaded Poland, they had over 1400 of these light tanks. The Panzer II was merely an interim design, to bridge the gap between the Panzer 1 and subsequent far more efficient tanks and variants such as the Panzer III and IV.

Panzer 1 entered service with the German Army in 1934, ostensibly as training vehicles. Trials quickly proved that the Krupp 57 bhp engine needed to be changed. A successor was found with the Maybach 100hp water-cooled engine. A Daimler-Benz turret was attached, containing two Dreyse 7.92mm MG13 medium machine guns. The officer in charge of mechanized troops was General Oswald Lutz; his chief of staff was a certain Colonel Heinz Guderian, one of the most talented exponents of armoured warfare!

The book contains excellent in-service black and white photos as well as excellent colour paintings by Tom Cooper.

The middle section of the book is a model showcase, showing some quality kit builds by excellent modellers. This section also gives the reader information where to buy their kit f and what paints and techniques were used.

The third section details the areas of combat where the Panzer I & II were used. Again, there is a wealth of black and white photos. The tank was used in all areas of German conflict in World War Two.

Excellent, informative and a must for the AFV model maker.

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd. Author: Robert Jackson
ISBN: 9781526711243
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