Tank Craft Series - Panther Tanks

Tank Craft Series - Panther Tanks

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In late 1944 and 1945 the Panther tank played an important role in Germany's desperate efforts to curtail the Allied advances on the Western Front. The Panther was, arguably, the best armoured vehicle developed by the Germans during the Second World War and was a key element in the Wehrmacht's defensive tactics, rearguard actions and counter-attacks, and it took a prominent role in the last true German offensive of World War Two, in the Ardennes, during the battle of the bulge.

This book is an ideal subject for the author's latest volume in the excellent Tank Craft series. Much use is made of archive photographs and well-researched colour drawings to illustrate the Panther Tanks and units of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS Panzer battalions that vainly fought to contain and resist the Allied onslaught.

As is usual in this series, there is a section displaying available model kits and aftermarket products, followed by a series of good quality photos of excellent models, constructed by well-known military model-makers in varying scales. Technical details as well as modifications during production and in the field are also examined, providing everything the modeller needs to create an accurate representation of these historic tanks.

Overall, if I chose to make a model of this tank, this would be the book I would use for research. It has everything required by the modeller. The colour drawings especially, give a good reference for camouflage and vehicle storage. Vehicle numbering is also dealt with during this section. It also acts as a catalogue for seeing what is available from the aftermarket websites.

A very good, informative book, giving relevant information and advice.
Highly recommended for the Historian as well as the Model-Maker.

Rating Four and a half out of Five.


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