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Tactical Coffee

Tactical Coffee

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So a bit of a random one, but with a competition!

The Tactical Coffee Company have sent us some of their coffee and kit to review, which I have duly done. Feel free to watch me drink brews for ten minutes.

If you like the sound of the coffee, you could win a kilo of their next Columbian batch along with some kit to make a top notch cuppa. Details are at the end of the video - hit the 'Join the Discussion' button on the right and stick your answers in there.


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Latest updates

  1. Competition closed

    Competition has closed and officially no-one wins as your suggestions (including mine) were all...
  2. Discount code

    The discount code for 10% off your Tactical Coffee is: ARRSE10 Also, get a shifty on with some...

Latest reviews

I reckon the funnel thing on aeropress can also go in the cup for the aeropress to sit on especially if its a wide cup, very good review - thanks.
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Interesting point. I had wondered what you'd do in a wide cup (or greedy bastard) scenario. I can't check as I'm away for a bit but will look when I get back.
Well thought out videos. I like the fact that you aren't in them. They do exactly what it says on the tin.
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You trying to say I'm ugly?? I ******* hate review videos where it's more about the reviewers face than the product.

Cheers for the feedback!