SURVIVE. Drive. Win

SURVIVE. Drive. Win

Nick Fry with Ed Gorman
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The full story of F1's incredible 2009 championship battle has never been told. Until now. In this gripping memoir, Nick Fry, the former CEO of Brawn GP, reveals how he found himself in the driving seat for one of the most incredible journeys in the history of motor sport.

At the end of 2008, Nick, then head of Honda's F1 team, was told by his Japanese bosses that the motor company was pulling out of F1 in thirty days. This bolt from the blue was a disaster for the team's 700 staff, for Ross Brawn, who Nick had recently recruited as chief engineer, and for the drivers, Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. But in a few short weeks, Nick and Ross would persuade Honda to sell them the company for £1 (plus all the liabilities).

Just thirteen weeks later, the Brawn GP team, led by Nick and Ross, would emerge from these ashes, win the first Grand Prix of the 2009 season, and go on to win the Driver's and the Constructor's Championship, with a borrowed engine, a heavily adapted chassis and, at least initially, no sponsors.

In Survive. Drive. Win., Nick gives an up-close-and-personal account of how he and Ross turned disaster into championship glory and laid the foundations for what was to become the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. Along the way he gives the inside track on the drivers, the rivalries between teams, on negotiating with Bernie Ecclestone, on hiring and working with two global superstars: Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton - and offers a unique and thrilling perspective on an elite global sport

I was pleased to have this book to review not that I like or understand formula one racing but I do understand Corporate recovery and restructuring . So for me and I guess a few other readers you get two bites of the cherry .
However despite the thrilling story of having your company cut off at the legs and having to find a new buyer in 30 days plus borrow an engine then go on to win the championship I am afraid this book left me flat.

A very interesting story was here to be had and one could see the film which could come out of it , unfortunlty the writing style is so bland its instantly forgettable. I had to force myself to pick the book up up because once down it was out of mind, its a true boy's own story written like an end of term report. I promise you I tried my hardest to get into the feel of it but it just couldn't hold my attention nor retention.

The facts are there, 30 days to save the business , meeting fraudsters and time wasters then going on to buy the team for a pound and winning. However it seemed to be aimed for the people named in the book only there was no pace or excitement in the writing. The plot was given away and repeated at least three times in the first two chapters and one wonder why you'd bother to read the rest of the book.

Sorry to say that the drama, sweat, tears and laughter are just not reflected in this book. It's a wasted opportunity in my opinion, if you have read this book and think I'm wrong I'd be pleased to hear from you. As boring as watching a racing car shoot past at 150 mph and having to wait ages for another shot at seeing it for a second or so. I gave it two mushrooms as a vote of sympathy .

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