Stug III & IV - German Army, Waffen-SS & Luftwaffe; Western Front 1944-1945

Stug III & IV - German Army, Waffen-SS & Luftwaffe; Western Front 1944-1945

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Stug. 111 &1V, German Army, Waffen SS and Luftwaffe; Western Front 1944-1945.
Tank Craft series, by Dennis Oliver. ISBN -978 1 52675 586 5.

Dennis Oliver is the author of over 20 books on Second World War armoured vehicles, including Tiger 1 and 11 tanks, GermanArmy and Waffen SS-Eastern Front 1944; Panther Tanks, German Army and Waffen SS, Normandy 1944; Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer, German Army-Western Front 1944-1945 and Tiger 1 and 11 tanks, German Army and Waffen SS - the last battles in the West, 1945.

Mr Oliver writes a good historical account of the development, usage and eventual demise of one of the most underrated tank destroyers of World War Two. He incorporates technical detail with good quality photographs and gives accurate and verbatim reports from the lips of the men who used them. Like all other books in the tank craft series, this book is split into sections devoted to: Assault Gun units of the German Army, coloured drawings showing the camouflage markings and unit marks, a modelling showcase featuring some expert built models in various scales, a modelling products section detailing what is available on the after-market scene, sections devoted to assault gun units of the Waffen SS and the Luftwaffe, a list of technical details and modifications, and finally, a list of suppliers names and addresses for the model maker.

Once again, Dennis Oliver has produced a first class publication giving good qualify information about an armoured vehicle that served it's master on all fronts during World War Two. His in-depth knowledge is excellent as is his source of photograph. The drawings are first-rate and of immense help to anyone in the modelling fraternity, but also, of use to anybody reading modern military history. I particularly like the way Oliver links photos of the real article to the drawings, giving a much clearer picture.

The section devoted to modelling the Stug is excellent and has had me looking through e-bay for any reasonably priced models to use in a diorama. Not only are close-ups included but there are also some outstanding interior work done by the modeller. The after-market section also shows some pretty good add-ons that can improve the look of a model. Most of them are out of the price range of most modellers, but there are one or two that may suit the cheapskate like me.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in WW2 German Armour and particularly, the Modeller's who enjoy knocking up the tracked monsters. Dennis Oliver has done us proud with this work.

Rating: Five out of five. Superb book!

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