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SPITFIRE ACE of ACES – Johnnie Johnson

SPITFIRE ACE of ACES – Johnnie Johnson

Dilip Sarkar MBE
ARRSE Rating
3 Mushroom Heads
This is a book which I was offered and accepted without checking what the subject matter was. It is as it says on the cover “The photographs of Johnnie Johnson” and that is exactly what it is. A bit of a cheat and I will explain why.

The book is full of photographs covering the career of Air Vice Marshall James Edgar “Johnnie” Johnson CB,CBE, DSO**, DFC*, DL. Starting with a few childhood ones, the majority are of his wartime career, finishing off with a few from his post war career. Each is captioned with what is in the photograph. The problem is there is no real narrative, and the photographs don’t have any context to link them or to bring understanding to them. Very strange.

What transpires is that this is really a companion book to go with several others that the author has produced on AVM Johnson, so if you have these books then the pictures will make more sense. As it is, it is a very nice series of black and white, WW2, RAF photographs!

To that extent, if you don’t have the previous books then this one will not be much use, if you do then this would be a full 5 Mr MRHs. As it stands I can only give a very generous 3 MRHs for a series of interesting photos with some very famous names.

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