Spider Zero Seven

Spider Zero Seven

Mike Borlace
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1.5 Mushroom Heads
Its a distinctly strange book. Not that Mike Borlace is making anything up, its just a bit odd. Less eloquent than Chickenhawk or Snake Pilot. He calls his (male) dog Doris and took him on sorties. No reflection on how he became a pilot, or why, or anything else much.

Apart from the short two page introduction and the glossary at the end, it is a description of sorties made, with little or no references to when, or why. Borlace tends to lean heavily on jargon, almost banter type of description. Without the glossary much would be hard to comprehend.

In essence, it is a description of sorties in the pull up a sandbag mode. No doubt the schedule of duty at that time was tortuous. However, the majority of the book consists of a repeated pattern of - Wake up. Get in helicopter. Get in firefight, go back to base, drink beer, plus or minus a fist fight, then repeat the next day.

The actual descriptions of the firefights are very exiting and it is worth reading this book for that alone.

Historically it has some importance, the list of casualties are a mark of that. It has value in that it gives some insight into a quite undocumented war. His descriptions of the machines used, and the firepower they had is truly worthy of note, comments from a master helicopter pilot.

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