Special Forces Interpreter

Special Forces Interpreter

Eddie Idress
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3 Mushroom Heads
Eddie Idrees, a pseudonym for security reasons, has a fascinating and inspiring story to tell. Born in Afghanistan, he spent time as a refugee in Pakistan during the civil war dreaming of serving with the military. As this unique memoir reveals, his wishes came true in spades. For eight years from 2004, Eddie worked as an interpreter with, first, American Special Forces before moving across to the Special Air Service. A veteran of over 500 operations, he describes the most notable ones including breaking into a Taliban prison to free prisoners about to be executed. He was the first Afghan interpreter to parachute in with the SAS. His aim in writing his story is to explain the interpreter's role and contribution and the challenges and threats they faced, not just from the Taliban. For all the media attention, these have never been fully understood. Eddie concludes by describing his experiences and emotions on leaving his fractured and politically corrupt homeland and making a new life in the United Kingdom. Special Forces Interpreter demands to be read and not just for its vivid and thrilling descriptions of Special Forces' operations.

What an introduction this book has, all the ingredients of a rip roaring tale from the hills of Afghan. The only civvy to parachute with the SAS, who worked with the US special forces whose missions were the keenest around. Special missions for special men .

So what a let down when I started to read the books it was very bland writing by Eddie I'm afraid not very informative or exciting at all. I wonder what on earth made the commissioning editor throw away what could have been a best seller ? I think that any good wordsmith could have researched the internet and come up with a more detailed story.

The author was an exciting man in an exciting place with a unique tale to tell, whilst he may well be brilliant at writing after action reports he is no storyteller. What this book demands, and yes it does demand, is that it is rewritten with an established author to work with our translator and produce a story which will enlighten us all.

A damn fine story but this book lost a lot in translation. Come on Pen and Sword, you can and have done better with worse tales. I feel like i've bought something off EBay just because it had SAS and SPECIAL FORCES in the description.

Three mushroom heads.

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