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Snugpak Pilgrim Arctic Sleeping Bag

For the last few months I have had the pleasure of reviewing the Snugpak Pilgrim Arctic Sleeping bag from Trekitt of Hereford. They've had input from 'specialist military units' to produce a sleeping bag that perfectly meets the need of the military user under extreme conditions.

Firstly once I received it I was quite surprised in how light it was for the size. The sleeping bag did not come with the traditional compression bag which most soldiers don’t use anyway but came in its own unique waterproof compression bag with a purge outlet to release trapped air which is a great addition to the sleeping bag enabling it to be put straight into a Bergen or large rucksack.

So the sleeping bag itself is in the usual OD green and is of top quality. The upper is made of nylon and the lower third of the sleeping bag is made of a Paratex waterproof material, On the inside it has 2 x net pockets for the storage of personal items and the lower part has a tough nylon material so that boots can be worn inside without damaging the sleeping bag. The zip can be used inside and out and and plenty of elasticated ties to cocoon yourself into it for added warmth.

Testing the sleeping bag itself I deployed to the Falklands so this was the perfect opportunity. Firstly packing the sleeping bag itself in a bergen was ok however the waterproof compression bag that comes with it does not fit anything else other than the sleeping bag itself which is a shame as that would have been great if I could of fit a set of combats etc, due to this I used the sleeping bag in my own waterproof bag within my bivi bag. Using the sleeping bag was a joy not only was the sleeping bag light for a cold weather sleeping bag weighing just over a couple of kilos but the warmth was excellent much better than the issued bouncing bomb. I was always stripping right down even in some pretty cold conditions. I mostly used the sleeping bag within my bivi bag to ensure it stayed dry however on my last night I did not use the bivi bag to test it fully.

The base of the sleeping bag is 100% waterproof during wet conditions however if left in a bucket of water for hours I don't know how it would cope to be honest however it does the job and does it well. At the end of my deployment to the falklands I checked the sleeping bag over and there were no rips or tears and the zip was still fully working.

The Snugpak Pilgrim Arctic Sleeping bag costs £215 from Trekitt which I think is a good price especially when it comes with its own waterproof compression bag.

Overall I would rate this sleeping bag a 10 out of 10 the warmth to weight ratio is excellent and the design is robust. I would recommend this sleeping bag to anyone who is looking to purchase a new sleeping bag. Even as I was reviewing it one of my Infantry colleagues liked it so much that he bought one himself which is about as good a recommendation as you can get!
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