Snugpak Chrysalis 3 - Sleeping Bag

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  • Those great folk at Snugpak have furnished me with one of their mid range sleeping bags to use, abuse and review. This is a 3 season bag that is rated from a comfort @ -5 to extreme of -10 which I think will be tested thoroughly over the coming weeks on the PW.

    For now, as with the smock, I am banging this up on the site with their blurb, but I will be updating my thoughts once on the Way, so wait out:

    When you’re planning a trip where the night temperature can drop down below zero, the Chrysalis 3 won’t let you down. You’ll stay warm, comfortable, rested and ready for the next day’s adventures. Foot section enhanced with Thermal Suede for extra warmth and comfort.
    A sleeping bag inspired by evolution.

    Chrysalis is a sleeping bag that has evolved to the next level; putting you in control of temperature and comfort by transforming from a warm, snug sleeping bag, into a cool and spacious one, with a built in LED torch to assist you.
    The bag boasts all the features of a quality Snugpak mummy-style sleeping bag but the jumbo zip baffle can be opened out to give much more room within the sleeping bag by opening the expanda panel. The extra space within the bag allows air to move around, keeping the bag cooler. And if the temperature drops? Just zip the bag tighter and instantly boost the warmth around you.


    • Built in Led torch (Functions: ON/OFF/FLASH) Micro torch works independently.
    • Expansion System (Variable width)
    • Lightweight
    • Low pack size
    • Clips can be used to shorten the sleeping bag (Normal Length 220cm, Shortened Length 175cm)


    Extra Long - No
    Colours Available - Ocean Blue
    Weight - 1600g
    Length - 220cm
    Width (Chest) - 75cm (Expanded +12.5cm)
    Width (Knee) - 60cm
    Width (Foot) - 32cm
    Pack Size - 26cm(L) x 22cm(W)
    Origin - Imported
    Seasons - Autumn
    Temperature - Comfort: -5°c Extreme: -10°c
    Barcode - Chrysalis 3 - 8211650809925


    Outer Fabric - Paratex Micro
    Inner Fabric - Paratex Light
    Filling - Softie®
    Extra Info - Torch uses two easy to replace CR2032 batteries

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  1. Rod924
    So thoughts on the maggot:

    As a mid level sleeping bag it is good value for money. I had some sub zero evenings and at no stage did I feel cold so it lives up to the technical blurb. The hood torch was never used as I prefer my head torch. The hood was used on those cold nights and I found that rather good. Again, post walk I would opt for a more expensive model to reduce the weight as well as volume, I would love to compare it against the British made Softie Hawk 9.

    I opted to leave the compression bag at home and stuff the bag into a rubble sack which did work well and kept it dry. The one thing that did drive me insane was the zip! In the 'Mummy' configuration it seemed to always get snagged. Rather distressing when one is trying to egress quickly for that early morning bladder deflation and I found I swore a lot too at these times. In the 'expansion' configuration the zip was slightly better, but I have to say not perfect in my opinion.

    Value for money? Yes, no question. For a long trip? Not in my opinion but great if you want a doss bag for staying over at a mates igloo or a weekend camping where you are not carrying all your kit.